Monday, 21 February 2011

Suggestion box.

It's good to talk.
I'm getting an extra SIM card to go in a spare phone, so that we can put a contact number on the blog and any future website. It might make any future flyers a bit more accessible than they are currently.

Make a proper website.
Upgrading from the blog to a real website with it's own domain name will look a bit more "permanent". Until then, I will get round to putting a few more photographs on the does look a bit dull at the moment!

Is a weekend better?
I originally thought that a mid-week evening might be easier for people who already had family commitments at the weekend. Would you prefer a Saturday afternoon (for example) so you can have an excuse to avoid a family commitment?

Is a name change in order?
Does "Edinburgh" in the name deter folk from outside Edinburgh? Would Scottish Pipe Club be more appropriate? I'll admit that EPC was the first name that came into my head...if I lived in Glasgow we'd probably be the GPC!

Can we come to you?
Following on from the above item. If you can't get to The Cuddie Brae easily, do you have a favourite local venue that we can use? There's bound to be plenty of pipe-friendly places in The Borders, Fife or Glasgow for starters. Personally, I've got no problem travelling and appreciate that Myles makes a pretty long round trip to each meeting.

Everything that has gone out so far has specified the current time and venue, so having an overlap period might be a good compromise initially. Keep the second Thursday of the month at The Cuddie Brae with a weekend meeting scheduled for the last weekend of the month and have a "road trip" one Saturday or Sunday every two months?

As this is the first Ppe Club I've ever started (in fact it's the only organisation, of any description, that I've started), I'm still learning as I go any other suggestions would be gratefully received.

February's meetings...a post mortem!

February has been a very quiet month.

The regular meeting on the 10th, despite the presence of The Scotsman's photographer, was disappointing. However, I hope that as the evenings start to get a bit lighter and warmer, the numbers might start to creep upwards.

Conversely, whilst Sunday's meeting (to mark IPSD) was still quiet (just Myles and myself) we had a pleasant couple of hours of enjoyable smoking. Additionally, Myles made a couple of good suggestions as to how we might attract extra numbers. I'll post some thoughts in the next entry.

Many thanks to Myles for the clay's displayed nicely alongside my other pipes. My wife said it looks very "Gandalf" (is that even a real adjective?). I might try a little Best Brown #2 Flake in it next weekend.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Carey's Pipe & Tobacco Shop

Carey's Pipe & Tobacco Shop Have got a great new website, with a very useful feature "The Knowledge" a map showing the location of pipe related events and places.