Monday, 21 May 2012

May meeting.

Thanks to Rob for making the journey down from Perth last week. We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon of warm sunshine (about time).

Rob started with some Gawith Hoggarth Kentucky Nougat, in a very handsome Peterson Cara Sandblast X105. I started the afternoon with some Peterson's University Flake, in my Aldo Morelli 722 before moving on to a blend I can't smoke at home; Sam Gawith's Squadron Leader, in a Vauen billiard.
Rob then provoked some serious pipe envy by bringing out a lovely, estate pipe...a Peterson Aran XL90, with some beautiful birds-eye grain and a silver collar! I switched back to University Flake, in a smooth Peterson's 302 Standard (a perfect combination in the sunshine), whilst Rob enjoyed some 7 Seas Royal Blend.
Neil made a flying visit to join us briefly but unfortunately he couldn't stay to enjoy a pipe.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

UKFoPC page updated.

I have updated the UKFoPC page with additional information provided by Brian Mills. This includes details of costs and the programme of events.

If you would like to attend as part of the EPC "team", I need to have your details by June 15th. Therefore, to give a bit of leeway, can you let me know at the June 9th meeting, if not before.