Sunday, 12 February 2012

February meeting (1).

Johnny and I were joined by Neil, for a very pleasant afternoon's smoking and conversation.
Neil was smoking a very handsome Aldo Morelli Loreto...I think might have a case of pipe envy, will have to investigate the range. Johnny started with a Nording Freehand, again another handsome piece of briar with it's plateau rim. My first pipe of the afternoon was a Peterson's Donegal Rocky.
We got through a very cosmopolitan selection of tobaccos; Dunbar from Esoterica, Troost and Rattray's Marlin Flake were all popular. The 7 Seas Cherry Blend had a lovely room note when Neil and I smoked it, although neither of us really got the cherry flavour from our own pipes.
The weather remained mild until the sun went down, fortunately the heaters in the smoking shelter put out a very impressive heat.
I tried a new beer, Belhaven Black Scottish complemented the pipes nicely!