Monday, 29 July 2013

Madrid Pipe Show & Championship

If anyone is interested in attending the Madrid Pipe Show & Championship on 16th November 2013, Brian Mills of the UK Federation of Pipe Clubs is organising a weekend trip to the event.

If you would like further details, let me know and I will pass on Brian's details.

BPSC 2014

Good news!

The date for next year's British Pipe Smoking Championship has been set: Sunday 13th July 2014.

The venue will be Newark Showground again...a bit of a trek for us but a central location.

There will be an informal get-together at the pub on the Saturday (12th) for anyone staying overnight, with a full day of activity on the Sunday.

Venue(s) for future meetings.

After a quick straw poll, at last Saturday's meeting, the general consensus is that everyone is happy with Henrick's for future meetings.

By the time we get the Festival out of the way, we will be heading into Autumn when I guess that The Beehive will be closing up their beer garden. Hopefully the weather won't get too bad, too quickly, so the awning and heaters at Henrick's should keep us comfortable (please note, the "share the heaters" rule will start to be enforced again!).

More pipes!

The club is very fortunate again; we are having a large collection of pipes donated to us by a former piper who has given up for family/health reasons.
I should be collecting them at the end of this week and will update on numbers and condition.
The only condition of this donation is that we promise to give the pipes a good home and to make an appropriate donation to a local children's hospice. To that end, depending on condition, I will be asking for the equivalent of the price they would be as "estates" on eBay. All funds raised will be donated to CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) and Edinburgh Sick Kid's hospital.

Update: There's literally a (big) box of pipes...and a couple of wall-mounted racks...a pretty mixed lot and they will all need cleaned.

I'll bring a selection along on Saturday.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

BPSC13 Highlights video.