When do you meet?
Second Saturday of the month, from 2.30pm. However, if you're in the area at other times and want some company whilst you smoke your pipe, get in touch and if I'm free I'd be delighted to join you!

Is there a joining fee?
No, I want to keep things informal and relaxed. Plus, it seems a bit cheeky asking for a subscription/membership fee when we're limited to smoking outside!

Is there a committee?
No, again that seems a bit too formal. However, if we get large enough, this might need to be looked at again.
However, Brian Mills (President of the UK Federation) has advised me that as we grow, we should be looking at a Secretary, Treasurer and President.

Who can join?
Anyone who smokes a pipe, or is just thinking about starting. As long as you are over 18, you're welcome.

What do you smoke?
Tobacco! Anything else is not welcome.

What do you talk about?
Pipes, tobacco and general friendly conversation. Or, just feel free to sit back and enjoy your own pipe in quiet contemplation.

Where do you meet and smoke?
Unfortunately, due to current legislation, we're restricted to smoking outside. However, The Cuddie Brae has a sheltered smoking area with efficient heaters and plenty of benches and tables. It's at the right hand end of the building as you look at the front door.

Any rules?
Please keep all discussion of politics, religion, or sport friendly, civilised and gentlemanly (or ladylike, when appropriate). Please keep the smoking area tidy and litter-free (as smokers, we already get enough negative reaction anyway). If it's particularly cold, wet or windy be prepared to move around so everyone can get the benefit of the heaters and/or roof!

Is there a dress code?
No, no special requirements (apart from dressing for the weather as we're outside). However, if you have a favourite hat or jacket that you like to wear whilst enjoying your pipe, feel free to wear it...by definition, pipe smokers are eccentric.

How can you be contacted?
Please see under "Contact details" tab at the top of the page.