Monday, 26 March 2012

Better late than never.

My apologies for not updating sooner.

The last two meetings (19th Feb and 10th March) were both fairly quiet so I shall do a joint update for both.

John managed to get away (briefly) from a shopping trip to Fort Kinnaird to help me mark IPSD. As he couldn't stay long we just had a single bowl each...Condor, in a sandblast Parker billiard, for John and St Bruno in a rustic Peterson 302 Standard for myself.

For this month's meeting, I was joined by Neil again for a very pleasant afternoon discussing the relative merits of the teams in the 6 Nations and the state of rugby in general, this was aided by several bowls of tobacco...Troost (which has a lovely room note)  for Neil and some Sam Gawith Squadron Leader for me...and a couple of pints!

At the previous meeting Neil came up with the clever suggestion of getting some business cards printed up for the club. He also very kindly offered his daughter's graphic design skills to come up with a logo for EPC when she has finished her coursework.

Hopefully, now that the clocks have gone forward, future meetings should have a bit more daylight and (fingers crossed) warmer weather.