Sunday, 19 May 2013

BPSC13 Competition Pipe and Tobacco.

The pipe and baccy to be used for this year's competition has been announced:

The tobacco will be Gawith Hoggarth & Co's. "Rum and Maple Ready Rubbed". This blend is not currently commercially available so unfortunately we won't be able to practice with it beforehand. However, the description  is "a traditional English type blending and non-aromatic". Personally, I find GH's blends to be based on great tobacco so it should be a good smoke.

The pipe will be a Peterson's Aran 15. This is a classic billiard shape so it will make a handsome addition to your collection.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Yet more from Samuel Gawith.

Bob has very kindly invited us back for another visit later in the year :-) to be included, just come along and join us at a meeting (or two).

To see more photos from the day, have a look at the album on dropbox.

More from Samuel Gawith.

Nice to see that a press made in Edinburgh is helping to make Samuel Gawith's lovely flakes!

Samuel Gawith visit continued.

Here's some of their's all pretty low-tech but judging from the end results, it seems to work!
P.S. There might be some magic, or alchemy involved ;-)

Samuel Gawith visit.

Many thanks to Bob Gregory of Samuel Gawith who looked after us yesterday when we visited their factory.
Neil, Ian, Jakub, Marcin and myself had an amazing day seeing how they make all their lovely blends.