Sunday, 17 April 2011

There's going to be a raffle!

For the May meeting, there will be a 50g tin of tobacco as a raffle prize.

For a £2 ticket, you are in with a fair chance of winning a tin valued at £10 (approx. depending on which blend is available*)'s certainly going to be better odds than The Lottery. You will be able to purchase as many tickets as you want, with the winner being drawn on the night. Any excess funds raised will be put into a pot for another raffle at the next (June) meeting. If this proves to be popular, hopefully extra prizes can be sourced for future raffles...either accessories, tobacco or, as numbers grow, a pipe.

* Either from my own "cellar", or as sponsorship from one of our local tobacconists.

Friday, 15 April 2011

April meeting.

Last night's meeting benefited from the evenings staying lighter for longer...additionally it felt almost Tropical after some of the previous sub-zero temperatures we've had for the previous meetings during the Winter months.

Apologies received from Colin...the joys of being in finance at the start of a new tax year!

It was nice to put a face to a name with the arrival of Cameron, Chris and Luke. If this (welcome) upward trend continues we'll have to start rearranging the benches for future meetings!

The combination of insufficient notes and several pints of Guinness is not a recipe for detailed minutes. However, I do remember that there was a wide selection of pipes and tobacco...I started with St Bruno Ready Rubbed in a Tesch Bent Billiard before switching to Best Brown #2 in a Peterson 302 Standard System. Cameron seemed to enjoy sampling some Cornell and Diehl Opening Night.

March meeting (2).

Apologies for the delay in updating...things have been pretty hectic here, but hopefully things have calmed down a bit for now.

The trial run of a weekend meeting (Saturday 26th) was another quiet one...just myself and Colin. We met at the usual venue but I'm still open to suggestions if anyone knows somewhere else (local to them) that we can use.
Sitting in daylight (with even the occasional glimpse of sunshine) does make for a more pleasant smoking experience! As an added bonus we hardly had to use the heaters for once.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take notes so I can't remember what Colin was smoking but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed several bowls of Best Brown #2 in a couple of Peterson's (303 and 307 Standard Systems)!