Monday, 21 May 2012

May meeting.

Thanks to Rob for making the journey down from Perth last week. We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon of warm sunshine (about time).

Rob started with some Gawith Hoggarth Kentucky Nougat, in a very handsome Peterson Cara Sandblast X105. I started the afternoon with some Peterson's University Flake, in my Aldo Morelli 722 before moving on to a blend I can't smoke at home; Sam Gawith's Squadron Leader, in a Vauen billiard.
Rob then provoked some serious pipe envy by bringing out a lovely, estate pipe...a Peterson Aran XL90, with some beautiful birds-eye grain and a silver collar! I switched back to University Flake, in a smooth Peterson's 302 Standard (a perfect combination in the sunshine), whilst Rob enjoyed some 7 Seas Royal Blend.
Neil made a flying visit to join us briefly but unfortunately he couldn't stay to enjoy a pipe.

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