Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

I've already given up cigarettes (in favour of my pipes), so that's one less for my annual "wish list".

I'm resolving to try and smoke slower, to help me really appreciate the subtleties of a tobacco...this has been a hard habit to break after more than 25 years of cigarettes but I'm getting also reduces the risk of "tongue bite".

In my first few months smoking a pipe, I wanted to try as many varieties as possible...with a bit more experience, I'm now trying to give each one a much fairer chance, trying each tobacco in different pipes (and at different times) to see which combination works better. I've already found that I prefer pipes with smaller bowls for flakes that I've just "rolled and stuffed" and my larger bowls for the fully rubbed-out or ribbon blends.

I was going to put "join a gym" and "give up Greggs" on the list for 2011...but those wouldn't have lasted beyond the ink drying, so I won't bother (again)!

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