Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hints for the Pipe Smoker.

The following is taken from the insert that came with my latest pipe (a Peterson Ebony 303 Standard System), but it's equally applicable to other makes.

1/. For the first few smokes, only half fill your pipe, firmly but not too tightly. Light up evenly and smoke slowly, using your tamper to keep the tobacco firm inside the bowl.

2/. By gradually increasing the amount of tobacco, you will ensure an even build up of carbon lining, but do not allow this to become excessive as a surplus of carbon "cake" may crack the bowl. The ideal thickness is 1.5mm

3/. When cleaning the bowl or removing "cake", use only a blunt edged tool or pipe scraper. Never use a sharply pointed knife, as this could penetrate the bottom of the bowl.

4/. For heavy smokers, it is recommended that you keep three or four pipes in use alternately. This will ensure optimum smoking pleasure and longer life to your briar.

5/. Avoid smoking a new pipe in windy or outdoors conditions, as the increased draught may cause it to flame and consequently burn.

6/. Always tap your pipe out in your hand, or use a pipe tool. Heavy knocking of a pipe or rough usage should be avoided.

1 comment:

  1. 1/. "Firmly but not too tightly" takes a bit of practice and can vary between blends...I still haven't reached the point where I get it right with any blend in any pipe.
    2/. There's also a school of thought that prefers less "cake" can also take a while to get a thick layer if you have a large rotation.
    3/. I used to use a British Buttner reamer but now usually use a Senior reamer (that looks like Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver).
    4/. I've got 20 pipes, what does that make me? lol.
    5/. Wind caps help but if it's very windy it's better to be safe than sorry.
    6/. I've seen a few "estate" pipes with badly cracked rims, that were probably knocked on ashtrays.