Tuesday, 28 June 2011

July meeting (1).

After the weather we had yesterday, I should really get around to updating the photo at the top of the page...not a cloud in the sky and temperatures approaching 20 degrees C!

Apologies were received from Colin (having tickets to the finals at Wimbledon sounded like a reasonable excuse lol). John was able to stay long enough for a couple of bowls (Peterson's Special Reserve 2009 in a no name billiard and St Bruno in a bent Falcon). Brian returned with his Dr Plumb and some Kentucky Nougat (which has a lovely room note!). I finished off a bowl of St Bruno Ready Rubbed in a Sandblast Peterson 303 Standard, before filling a Smooth 302 Standard with some Peterson's University Flake.

To prevent dehydration, John and Brian enjoyed some Belhaven Best with their pipes, whilst I had some Guinness Extra Cold.

Despite the lovely weather, we were left in peace as most of the other customers, who were eating and drinking outside, were gathered at the tables at the front door. The exception was the pleasant surprise I had of meeting Harry and his wife who had come outside to have a smoke whilst Harry finished his coffee after their lunch...by sheer coincidence he's another pipe smoker and he produced a very handsome, gold-banded, billiard filled with University Flake*, we helped to put the world to rights before the others arrived.

*Which prompted me to remember later that I had a part tin of UF left in my pipe bag.

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