Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Any rules?

The first rule of Pipe Club is...there are no rules*!

My intention is to keep EPC relaxed and informal, my take on pipe-smoking is that it should be fun. As a result, there isn't any formal structure (although if we do start growing quickly, we might need to sort something out).

Additionally, especially in the current economic climate, I'd rather not set any kind of membership fee or subscription. To avoid this I hope that we'll be able to make the club "self-funding" through raffles. I got the idea from Steve Fallon (Pipestud at SF) of the Waco Pipe Club. Initially, with a tin or two of tobacco (you could get £10 of baccy from a £1 ticket) and then as we grow, moving up to a pipe.

Furthermore, I hope that people will feel that they can come to as many (or as few) meetings as they want, without any obligations or pressure.

* Actually, there are a few:
As, by their very nature, pipe-smokers are a relaxed and tolerant bunch, these "rules" shouldn't be difficult to follow.

1/. Any discussions of politics, religion, football, etc. are to be kept civilised and gentlemanly...non-smokers already think we're anti-social enough!

2/. Please keep the smoking area free of litter...we've not got any cigarette butts to drop, but even matches aren't THAT biodegradable!

3/. All members are expected to buy a round! Doesn't have to be a full one (especially if/when we get busy) but it's the thought that counts.

4/. In winter, be prepared to move around so that everyone can get the benefit of the heaters.

5/. No smoking indoors.

6/. All members/smokers to be 18 years old, or over.

7/. Only tobacco may be smoked.

The last three aren't optional, they're real laws!

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