Tuesday, 14 December 2010

No prejudices.

All are welcome!

Gentlemen or ladies (yes, there are some who smoke a pipe), briar or meerschaum, calabash or even the humble cob are all welcome to join our merry band...even to just sit in quiet contemplation of a damn good smoke!

P.S. We'll even tolerate the occasional cigar!


  1. Hi Peter thanks for the reply. Hope to be along if my shifts allow. I am mainly a Cob man (Missoori Meerchaum make) from Scott at Aristocob.com. If i can make it will bring along two new cobs along with Kentuck Nought baccy as these pipes do not new broke in. Hope you dont mind as this may give us a point for disscusion.

    Cheers and Beers Myles

  2. I'll gladly join you in a bowl of Kentucky Nougat! I've got a MM Diplomat that I need to try...although I do really like my Petersons :-)

  3. hello ! maybe you will like these meerschaum ;)