Friday, 10 December 2010

First meeting of EPC

The first meeting was a very quiet occasion...but it's a start and hopefully, by the next meeting, the weather will have improved a bit.

Apologies were received from Colin and Michael, who were unable to attend due to the continuing snow and ice (from Tranent and Penicuik respectively).
John managed to make it through the snow from Leith but unfortunately couldn't stay long...thanks for making the effort!

The smoking area at The Cuddie Brae is nicely sheltered, and the heaters are very efficient, so we were both able to shed hats and gloves whilst we had a pint and a pleasant, companionable smoke...Peterson's Sunset Breeze in a 307 Standard System for myself, St Bruno Flake in a no-name Billiard for John.

We might have planted a few seeds of interest, as we had a few friendly enquiries from the cigarette smokers coming outside...along with some very complimentary comments on the aromas!


  1. "Like building cake in a pipe, a club takes time."

    Special thanks to Alan (over at SF) for these words of wisdom!

  2. Peter, was nice to meet you last night. Nice to know I'm not the only "old fart" in Edinburgh :-)