Saturday, 14 May 2011

May meeting (1).

Three of us managed to dodge the heavy showers (don't you just love the Scottish weather?) John, Colin and myself. We even had some pleasant, late evening sunshine.

Smoking in daylight is definitely an improvement on when we met during the dark winter months.

The raffle will be carried over to the next meeting (Sunday 29th May)...Colin isn't a fan of Aromatics and John pointed out that selling (at least) 5 tickets would be more sensible as it will cover the price of the next tin(s).

John was enjoying a 50/50 mix of Condor and St Bruno, in a very handsome, large rusticated pipe from Northern Briars. Colin had a couple of bowls of Dunhill's My Mixture 965, in a rusticated Parker billiard. I started with Peterson's University Flake in a 303 Standard System Pete before moving on to Gawith, Hoggarth & Co's. Best Brown #2 in a 302 Standard System.

The side door of The Cuddie Brae is back in action, so we had a few curious cigarette smokers coming over to chat with us...the universal sentiment was "oh, you don't see many pipe smokers around nowadays", closely followed by "mmm that smells nice (or familiar)".

The next meting will be another afternoon one; Sunday 29th May from 2.30pm. As ever, all pipe smokers (or even just the curious) are welcome to come and join us.

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  1. Hi Peter, glad you had an other good meeting. Sorry not been there, but shifts not working out. Great raffle. Smoking Orlik Bull,s Eye in my radio shack. or as Dunhillman uk on you says Having A Chill.
    awra best to members
    from Myles