Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May meeting (2).

Apologies received from Iain. John could only manage a short stay (escaping whilst his wife was shopping at Fort Kinnaird), Colin and myself lasted a bit longer and enjoyed some very pleasant afternoon sunshine. Fortunately, the wind (and occasional heavy showers) were coming from the West so we were sheltered by the building...although we both took the precaution of fitting a wind cap!

I had a bowl of MacBaren's Navy Flake in my newest pipe, a red Peterson 303 Standard System...thanks to my wife for my birthday present. Followed by some Best Brown #2 in a Pete 302 Standard.
Colin had a couple of bowls of Samuel Gawith's Commonwealth Mixture in a bent Falcon.
John stuck to his favourite blend, St Bruno Ready Rubbed, in a Butz Choquin Mirage.

On a side note. My wife and I had Sunday lunch at The Cuddie Brae before the meeting, the rump steak was one of the nicest I'd ever had...perfectly cooked and very tender!

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