Monday, 9 May 2011

May's Raffle Prize

Further to my recent post @ Edinburgh Pipe Club: There's going to be a raffle!, I can now announce the prize!

Thanks to Alan at The Pipe Shop (and his suppliers), the prize for this Thursday's meeting will be a 100g tin of Peterson's Limited Edition, Special Reserve 2009 (RRP £21).
I've smoked quite a bit of this blend (my wife really likes the room note, she says it "smells like chocolate") and can confirm you'll be getting a very nice smoke if you win! It's an the majority of Peterson's blends...but it's certainly not a sickly sweet, gloopy blend. However, it WILL ghost any pipe you smoke it in (a good excuse to buy another pipe) but not unpleasantly. It's a mild blend so if you regularly smoke something like Condor, you might find it a bit bland. I've found that my tin was relatively dry so the baccy lit easily and burnt well. It's worth transferring the contents to a mason jar or tin once you've opened it, as the tobacco comes in a cellophane bag inside a tin that is far from air-tight.

Tickets will be £2 each, with all funds going in to a kitty to buy more tobacco for next month's meeting: either a single tin to be raffled again, or a selection of 25g pouches to be available to member's as a "tobacco bar" to sample from at meetings.

Please note: The pipe in the photo is not included in the's there to give an idea of the tin's size.

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